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**** 📢 TIME ZONE NOTICE 🕛: Times on this programme are stated as Central European Standard Time (CEST) or Brussels Time.  We kindly ask speakers and delegates to take note and make the appropriate adjustments to your Time ZONE. 🌏 ********

Conference Language: English with english real-time captions and interpretation in Portuguese

Wednesday 5th May 2021

📢 TIME ZONE NOTICE 🕛: Times on this programme are stated as Central European Standard Time (CEST) or Brussels Time.



  • Jim Crowe, EASPD President
  • Miguel Valles, President of the Board CECD Mira Sintra
  • João Costa, Portuguese Secretary State for Education


A flavour of Lisbon 


Inclusive education: The way forward

Keynote Speech: Tony Booth


Panel 1

Where are we now? State of play of inclusive education in Europe 

  • Representative of the World Bank
  • Stefan Iszkowski, European Commission 
  • Carmen Dorrance, Hochschule Fulda
  • Denisa Denglerová, Masaryk University


Coffee Break


Parallel Workshops

From Inclusive Education to Inclusive Employment Opportunities

  • Moderator: Fabrizio Fea, Co-Chair of Member Forum on Employment
  • Femke Houbrechts, Konekt 

Working with Early Intervention Services to Build Inclusive Education

  • Moderator: Vasilka Dimoska, Co-Chair of Member Forum on Early Intervention
  • Vivien Gyuris, Nesting Play
  • Ezter Harsányi, Nesting Play

The Role of Arts and Culture in Inclusive Education

  • Moderator: Eoin Nash, Co-Chair of Member Forum on Arts & Culture

Using technology to Promote Participation for Students with Disabilities in School Activities 

  • Moderator: May Agius, Agenzija, Co-Chair of Member Forum on Person-Centred Technology
  • Noa Nitzan, Beit Issie Shapiro

Inclusion on the Move: Inclusive Post-Secondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Europe

  • Moderator: Zoé Lardou, EASPD Learning and Development Officer
  • Michael Shevlin, Trinity College Dublin
  • Wolfgang Plaute, PH Salzburg
13.00End of Day 1

Thursday 6th May

📢 TIME ZONE NOTICE 🕛: Times on this programme are stated as Central European Standard Time (CEST) or Brussels Time.


Morning Energizer

  • Christopher Kreinbucher-Bekerle, University of Graz
  • Representatives of Special Olympics



Panel 2

Working in partnership to move towards inclusive education

  • Moderator: Miguel Valles, President of Board of CECD Mira Sintra
  • Yousra Sandabad, Centre de la Gabrielle
  • Parent of a child with disability  (TBC)
  • Support Service Provider (TBC)
  • Person with a disability (TBC)
  • Teacher (TBC)
11:30Coffee Break

Parallel Workshops:

Staff training for the achievement of Inclusive Educational Settings

  • Caroline Breyer, University of Graz
  • Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, University of Graz
  • João Canossa Dias, ARCIL

Inclusion through sports: Fostering inclusive physical education on schools

  • Moderator: Domenico Manente, EASPD
  • Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle, University of Graz

#RightToConnectNow: tachling the digital divide through accessibility training

  • Moderator: Magdalena Verseckas, EASPD
  • Jon Switters, Funka
  • Ilaria Valoti, AIAS Bologna

Raising awareness of disability issues amongst childcare and education professionals: Experiences on the ground

  • Moderator: Ákos Pordán, Hand in Hand Foundation
  • Mónika Tóth, Hand in Hand Foundation
  • Iringó Vargancsik, KEY - Social Educators Association
  • Tímea Markovics, Comenius Pedagogical Institute

The role of support service providers in inclusive education 

  • Els Teijsen, UCLL Research & Expertise
  • Annemie Jennes, vzw Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen

Quality of Life Index for Inclusive Education: A tool for the future monitoring?

  • Moderator: Konstantina Leventi, EASPD
  • Antonio M Amor, University of Salamanca
  • Prof. Miguel Verdugo, University of Salamanca
13.00End of Day 2

Evening Performance 

Friday 7th May 2021

📢 TIME ZONE NOTICE 🕛: Times on this programme are stated as Central European Standard Time (CEST) or Brussels Time.




Panel 3A

Lifelong learning and VET for persons with disabilities

  • Moderator: Michael Longhino, Chance B
  • Ricarda Motschilnig, University of Klagenfurt
  • Filip Kozlica, OSVIT
  • Jelena Opačak, URIHO
  • Esmeralda Micallef Zarafa, Lino Spiteri Foundation

Panel 3B

Supporting the development of the social service workforce through education and training

  • Moderator:James Churchill, Social Care Training
  • Representative of EPSU
  • Sylvain Renouvel, Social Employers
  • Marcela Hajtmánková, TENENET
  • Anastasia Pouliou, CEDEFOP 
11:00Coffee Break

Panel 4

To Inclusive Education and BEYOND: Developing EU policies for inclusive education

  • Moderator: Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General, EASPD
  • Lieven Boeve, Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen

  • Dora Husz, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

  • Amanda Watkins, European Agency for Special Needs

  • Representative from European Disability Forum


Closing Remarks

  • Jim Crowe, EASPD President

End of Day 3